5S Labeling Solutions with the Rhino 6000

Rhino 6000 5S Labelling5S relates to a specific list of workplace activities that promote organization and efficiency. The 5S terms are Seiri (sorting), Seiton (straightening), Seiso (shining), Seiketsu (standardizing) and Shitsuke (sustaining). The 5S system originates from Japan and is finding it’s way into may organizations around the world. Before discussing how the Rhino 6000 Label printer can help labelling in the 5S system, it’s best to understand more about 5S first. Full story ->  5S Labeling Solutions with the Rhino 6000


Rhino 18113 non-adhesive labels on Warehouse Racks

Rhino 18113 Warehouse Rack Shelf LabelsA great labelling system is one where you slide out the old label and slip the new one in. The picture shows exactly this type of labelling system. The Rhino 18113 non-adhesive label (once printed) can be slid into the protective label holder. Simple, no fuss, no mess. When it comes time to change the label, the user slides the old label out and the new one goes in. full story -> Rhino 18113 non-adhesive labels on Warehouse Racks

Sort Nuts, Bolts, Washers and Screws with Dymo 91333 Labels

LetraTag 91333 LabelSifting through a container of nuts, bolts, screws and washers, looking for a particular item can be a frustrating experience. Finding that elusive screw can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. Imagine then being organized and knowing exactly where that particular size screw is? The Dymo 91333 LetraTag Cosmic Red label helps solve this problem. Full story -> Sort, Nuts, Bolts, Washers and Screws with Dymo 91333 Labels

Low fuss labeling with Rhino 1805443 Heat Shrink Labels

Rhino 1805443 Heat Shrink LabelsIn some instances, applying labels to cables and wire can be a challenging exercise. Peeling and sticking labels in a confined space or on ultra thin cables can pose difficulties for installers. Wrapping a label around a 1/8” thick cable is not a simple task – it’s tricky. Rhino 1805443 Heat Shrink Labels solve this problem. They provide a high-end labelling solution without the intricate fiddly process of applying adhesive labels to cables : full story - Low fuss labeling with Rhino 1805443 Heat Shrink Labels

Rhino 4200 for Security System Installers

1801611 Rhino 4200The Rhino 4200 Label Maker is a very versatile labelling tool and enables the user to efficiently create industrial-strength labels for a lot of different purposes. It is well suited to Security System Installers for a number of reasons, and considering that it has a whole library of symbols and common terms already loaded into it, creating labels is a fast and efficient process.  full story : Rhino 4200 for Security System Installers

Tip : Fixed length labels on the Dymo Rhino 6000

Dymo Rhino 6000Normally the length of a label is determined by the length of the text string you want to print. If you want to print a sequence of say 10 characters, by default that label will be shorter than a label that is 15 characters long. On the Dymo Rhino 6000 you can actually specify the length of the label, irrespective of how much text you want to print on it. Learn more : Dymo Rhino 6000 fixed length labels

Why would I need a Dymo LabelWriter Spool Replacement?

Dymo LabelWriter SpoolThe Dymo LabelWriter Spool is made of 2 parts. The main part is a black circular disc with a spindle protruding from the middle of it. The other part is a black disc with a hole at the center. The disc slides over the spindle and locks the label roll into place. Why would I need a replacement spool? The LabelWriter spool is made of hard plastic and they don’t break easy. In the unlikely case that you do happen to break yours, then it’s simply a matter of ordering one from Labelcity.com…. Read more about Dymo LabelWriter replacement spool.