Dymo Inner Core Labels for CD / DVD

Dymo 30886 / Labelcity 120886If you need to put just a little bit of identifying information on a CD or DVD, the Dymo Inner Core CD/DVD label (30886 / 120886) is the ultimate label choice. It measures 1-1/3″ in diameter and covers just the inner core of the disc you affix it to.

You can print a variety of information on this label, and even though it is quite small, users print anything from simple text (i.e. “Backup Disc 1”) to more complex printing that can include images and barcodes. We’ve seen these labels being used in Video Stores, home DVD collections, on backups of music CD’s, backups of Movie DVD’s and in large corporate electronic storage libraries.

Barcodes are extremely useful in CD / DVD storage libraries, and there are a number of different barcode symbologies you can print from your Dymo LabelWriter, such Code 39, Code 128, EAN, UPC and QR codes. Even though this label is small, the 300dpi print quality allows for printing small high quality barcodes.

To print on these labels you will need a Dymo LabelWriter. The LabelWriter is an inexpensive label maker that enables you to print labels for a wide range of purposes, such as : Address, Shipping, Filing, Name Badge etc. From around $80 the Dymo LabelWriter is a handy tool to have around the home or office.

Link to the  Dymo 30668 / 120668 Inner Core CD / DVD labels in our shop.

Dymo Address Labels – White, Yellow, Clear, 2-up…..

Dymo Address LabelsWhen we talk about Dymo Address Labels, we’re not just talking about plain white labels that are used just for adding an Address to an envelope. That’s what address labels were initial meant for, but the size of these labels makes them suitable for a whole host of other purposes. Some people use them to label shelves in office or warehouses, some people use them to display ingredients in packaged food items, some people use them for barcoding and some use them for filing purposes. That’s just 4 alternate uses, and there are literally hundreds more. There’s a lot more to learn about Dymo Address Labels.


Got a lot of keys? Need a Dymo Label ?

Dymo Label for keysSome business have a lot of keys. A car rental company has a lot of keys, some motels have a lot of keys, storage facilities have a lot of keys. Enter the Dymo Label. Quite obviously, if you want to know what each key is for, you need to have some identifier on each keytag, whether it is a licence plate number, a room number or a storage shed number. It’s easy to simply handwrite an identifier on a keytag, but that just doesn’t look professional. A Dymo label can help, read more.

Dymo LetraTag Labels in the Classroom

Dymo LetraTag Labels in the ClassroomThere are so many uses for labels in Schools. Organizing in the classroom can be achieved by placing Dymo LetraTag Labels on items such as shelves, paint pots, paint brushes, books, pens, pencils, rulers, scissors, storage boxes… and the list goes on. There’s Clear, White, Hyper Yellow, Cosmic Red and Ultra Blue in the plastic range. There’s also a Metallic Silver and a White paper material. Click here to learn more.

Clear Dymo Address Labels look great on colored Envelopes

Clear Dymo Address LabelsMost address labels are a bright white color with black text printed on them. These serve the purpose they’re made for, but if you use colored envelopes, there is a label from Dymo that actually blends in with the envelope color.

Dymo Clear Address Labels (30254) are made from an opaque plastic material which when placed on a colored envelope (or other surface) will show the color of the surface through the label. The print/text on the labels will be black, so it is advised to use these labels on a light colored envelope. These look so much better than a white label on a colored envelope. See the entire range of Dymo Address Labels here.

Organize your Files with Dymo

DY_AP_LM420P_StickingLabelOn(1)Organizing your files is easy with a Dymo labeling machine. Whether it be a LabelWriter for labeling your individual file folders, or a LabelManager for color-coding, Dymo has a machine that can make your job simpler.

Additionally, if you have CDs or DVDs, there’s a LabelWriter label specifically designed for labeling them, and you could use a LetraTag to label the sleeve or case. Learn more about Dymo products here