Dymo 30370 Labels not just for Zip Disks

Dymo 30370 Zip Label The Dymo 30370 label was first designed for Iomega Zip Disks. It fits perfectly on these disks, giving the user an ideal way to label the contents of the disk, and because it has a removable adhesive, you can easily peel it off without leaving any residue, then adhere your new label.

Zip drives are no longer manufactured – production ceased around 2003 – but the Dymo 30370 label is still proving to be a very popular choice. The reasons it is so popular is that it is a very versatile size (being almost square) and has the removable adhesive.

We’ve seen this label being used for many applications. From Name Badges to Prescription labels for Vets, and in between there’s users who adhere it to specimen bottles, sample bottles/jars, furniture and many other applications where a prominent label with residue-free glue is suitable.

The Dymo 30370 Zip Disk label is for use in Dymo LabelWriter printers. Printing on this label is easy, and you can print anything from simple text to barcodes and basic images. Note: the print will always be black because these are a thermal-direct label.

Most people use Dymo’s free DLS labelling software, but you can print from virtually any Windows or Mac application. In Dymo’s software there is a template already setup for this label. All you need to do is add your data/barcode/pics using the DLS software then start printing.

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