Rhino 18491 Flexible Cable Label

Rhino 18491 Cable LabelRhino Flexible Nylon Labels have a large number of uses. Specifically designed for curved surfaces they are perfect for labelling cables because they have enough flexibility not to lose adhesion when the cable is moved or bent.

The Rhino 18491 Flexible Nylon 3/4″ Yellow label is ideal for labelling cables of any thickness. To create labels using this material we use a method called label wrapping. Basically the desired text is printed repeatedly on the same label on consecutive lines (the number of lines is determined by the thickness of the cable and the font size selected). Once the label is printed, you peel off the backing sheet and wrap it around the cable. The label will overlap itself and form a strong bond. Because the desired text is printed a number of times, no matter which angle you view the label from you’ll be able to read the label.

Like all 3/4″ Rhino labels, the 18491 label can be used in all current Rhino Label Printers, including the ultra-affordable Rhino 4200. The Rhino 4200 is a feature-packed label maker designed for industrial applications, and is priced under $70.

There are a lot of other uses for Rhino 18491 Flexible Nylon labels, but cable marking is probably it’s best fit. In a matter of seconds you can print easily readable labels that will no doubt make cable identification much easier.

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