Rhino 18057 Heat Shrink Labels for Permanent Cable Marking

Rhino 18057 HeatshrinkDymo’s Rhino range of labelling products are tailored to the ‘industrial’ segment of the label market. Rhino label makers are cost-effective, simple to use and offer a wide variety of label materials and colors.

Furthermore, when it comes to labelling cables and wire, there’s bound to be a solution for your needs because the Rhino range covers all bases with options including (i) flags (ii) wraps, and (iii) Heat-Shrink Tubes.

Rhino Heat-shrink Tubes coming in 2 colors (white and yellow) with black print. They are available in a number of sizes (1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″, 3/4″ and 1″) and the size you require will be dependent upon the size of the cable or wire you are labeling.

The Rhino 18057 Heat Shrink Label is a 3/4″ White tube with a shrink ratio of 3:1 (like all Rhino Heat Shrink products). It is suited to cables and wires ranging in diameter from 0.159″ to 0.476″ (4.032mm to 12.096mm). Another measurement guide would be 6 AWG to 4/0+ AWG.

DYMO Heat-Shrink Tubes meet the following certifications: – UL recognized as a component to UL 224 – Meets MIL-STD-202G, MIL-M-81531 and SAE-OTL 23053/5 (Class 1 & 3) – RoHS compliant

Use the following link to find out more about Rhino 18057 White Heat shrink Tubes and to see pricing.

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