Rhino 18054 Yellow Heat Shrink Tubes 3/8″ for high-end cable identification

Rhino 18054 Heat Shrink TubeThere’s a large number of methods for labelling wires and cables. From basic methods such as using a Sharpie, to more elaborate purpose-built label machines, there’s bound to be a solution for your next project.

Rhino 18054 Yellow Heat Shrink Tubes 3/8″ give you high-end cable identification at an affordable price. You simply print on your label / tube using a Dymo Rhino Label Maker (which also helps cut the tube to length) and apply to the wire or cable using a heat gun.

The Rhino 18054 Heatshrink tube is  5′ long (approximately 1.5m) and fits onto cables ranging from 1.9mm to 5.7mm (AWG 12 – AWG 4). It is manufactured in a distinctive yellow color for easy identification, it is UL recognized as a component to UL 224, it meets MIL-STD-202G, MIL-M-81531 and SAE-OTL 23053/5 (Class 1 & 3), and it is RoHS compliant.

Rhino heat shrink products are readily available from Labelcity for shipping throughout North America and many other countries. here’s a link to the full range of Rhino Heat Shrink Labels / Tubes.

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