Print on Dymo 99019 Labels from PayPal

Dymo 99019 PayPal/eBay Shipping LabelPrinting Paypal Shipping Labels is simple. If you sold an eBay item with Paypal as the payment method, you can simply go ahead and print the shipping label directly from Paypal using Dymo 99019 Labels.

If you have sold items elsewhere and the customer used Paypal as the payment method, then all of their details will be pre-loaded in your Paypal account, so printing the shipping labels directly from PayPal is just as simple.

To print Shipping Labels from Paypal you follow a wizard within PayPal (so there’s no need to remember all of this).

First you need to log into your PayPal account and go┬áto your recent activity page, or search for the transaction you want to print the label for. For transactions where the payment has completed, you will actually see a link that says “print shipping label”. Click this link. Next you choose the carrier and service options you would like to use (UPS or US Postal Service). You can also choose options such as insurance.

Providing your Dymo LabelWriter is connected and loaded with Dymo 99019 PayPal/eBay Shipping labels, you’ll have a label ready for package in no time.


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