Label File Folders with Dymo 30327 / Labelcity 125130

Dymo 30327 - Labelcity 125130 File Folder LabelsLabelling your file folders is quick and easy with a Dymo LabelWriter (any model will do) and a pack of Labelcity 125130 / Dymo 30327 labels. As depicted, these labels are white, the print is black and they fit perfectly on file folders, making your filing a whole lot more organized and aesthetically pleasing.

To print your filing labels, all you need is Dymo’s free DLS label software (and of course a Dymo LabelWriter). Getting started you select the correct label template (Dymo 30327) in the DLS software, add the text you want then print. It’s that simple. You can use virtually any font loaded on your PC or Mac, and also apply font editing such as Bold, Italic, size scaling (scales automatically to fit the label). Additionally, you can add graphics and barcodes too. The Dymo softward prints a wide variety of barcodes, including: code 39, code 128, EAN, UPC and even QR Codes.

The Dymo 30327 / Labelcity 125130 labels measure exactly¬†9/16″ x 3-7/16″ (14x87mm). These labels are sold in packs of 2 rolls and you get 130 labels on each roll (260 labels per pack). This is a standard Dymo label size and has been used in CoStar and Dymo printers since the 1990’s – this size is compatible with all Dymo/CoStar LabelWriters.

Like all Dymo LabelWriter labels, the name of the label is just a guide – you can use this label for other uses too – you aren’t restricted to using it for just File Folders. Some people use these to put a name on a book (i.e. school book), some people use them in the pantry. It’s a very versatile size, and the uses are endless.


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