Facility Visitor Management with Dymo 30911 Labels

Dymo 30911 Time Expiring LabelsWhen it comes to visitor management there’s a few ways to travel. You can opt for the traditional log-in / log-out book method, you can go electronic, or a combination of both. On top of logging people in and out of a facility, an extra layer of security comes with name badges. Name badges can be generic ones that are used over and over again, or they can be printed on-the-fly, containing a visitors name, company, photograph, even a barcode.

With Dymo 30911 Time Expiring Labels there’s an extra security feature built-in, because after a period of 12 hrs the label will become void. It’s a very simple process and these labels give you enough scope of personalization to contain whatever data (name, photo etc) suits your needs.

First you start with a Dymo 30911 Label (see pic) and using Dymo’s free DLS software (or compatible Visitor Management Software) you create a label for the visitor. Once the label is printed you simply apply the circular time-expiring label over the STOP sign. In 12 hrs the circular label becomes transparent so you can see the STOP sign clearly. The name badge label is now void.

Dymo’s 30911 labels can be used in any Dymo LabelWriter (except for older models 310/315). A Dymo LabelWriter is a purpose-built label printer primarily designed for printing address and shipping labels, but also perfect for printing file-folder labels, CD/DVD labels, price-tag labels, and of course Name Badges.


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