Dymo 45800 Labels on Counter-Top Sample Cards

DYMOIf you’re in a market that requires you to hand out sample cards or tags, using a clear label to identify the sample could be high on your list of needs. The Dymo 45800 3/4″ label does just this.

Take for instance a business that manufactures counter tops. The business may have 100’s of different colors and textures available. They may use off-cuts as their samples or they may have hang tags made up – either way they would need to label/identify the name of the counter top material. Traditionally these businesses would hand-write details of the sample or adhere a standard white label with identifying markings, i.e. name, color.

The Dymo D1 45800 Clear Label enables you to label the sample without compromising the look of the sample. This label is clear, so you can see right through it, thus the sample keeps it’s original appearance, but it has a professional-looking descriptive label on it.

Dymo D1 labels work in Dymo-branded LabelManager label makers. These devices start at sub $30 and the top-end models are around the $200 mark. The label used in the picture above is a 3/4″ wide label, so you would need a LabelManager that supports 3/4″ labels.


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