Bubble Wrap Mailer vs Dymo LabelWriter 450

Dymo LabelWriter 450 vs Bubble MailerMillions of Bubble Wrap mailers are shipped around the world every year. They’re a great way to send items that require a little bit of protection from bumps along the way to their destination.

A Dymo LabelWriter 450 is the perfect weapon to have in your arsenal when it comes time to label bubble mailers en masse.

The Dymo LabelWriter 450 connects to Windows and Mac computers and enables you to print Address / Shipping Labels right from the free bundles Dymo Software or from your favourite applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel & Outlook, as well as from Mac contacts…… and almost any other program that can send print jobs.

If you’re using Outlook or Mac Contacts to print your address or shipping labels, you simply use the built-in widget that get’s loaded into your app when you install the Dymo software. You select the contact, press the Dymo icon (drop-down menu link) and print your label.┬áIf you’re using Dymo’s own free DLS software, it’s a very similar approach. You either add a new contact then print the labels, or select an existing contact(s) and print.

A finishing touch to your newly addressed bubble mailer would be to add a return address on the back. Again, using Dymo’s DLS software you would simply call up an existing Return Address label template that you had already made up and print ……. then peel the backing off the label, stick it on the mailer and you’re all set.

Dymo LabelWriters were originally designed over 15 years simply to print address and shipping labels. Printing labels for Bubble Mailers is a fundamental use of Label Writer printers and using this type of label adds a lot of professionalism to your mail pieces.

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