Bubble Wrap Mailer vs Dymo LabelWriter 450

Dymo LabelWriter 450 vs Bubble MailerMillions of Bubble Wrap mailers are shipped around the world every year. They’re a great way to send items that require a little bit of protection from bumps along the way to their destination.

A Dymo LabelWriter 450 is the perfect weapon to have in your arsenal when it comes time to label bubble mailers en masse.

The Dymo LabelWriter 450 connects to Windows and Mac computers and enables you to print Address / Shipping Labels right from the free bundles Dymo Software or from your favourite applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel & Outlook, as well as from Mac contacts…… and almost any other program that can send print jobs.

If you’re using Outlook or Mac Contacts to print your address or shipping labels, you simply use the built-in widget that get’s loaded into your app when you install the Dymo software. You select the contact, press the Dymo icon (drop-down menu link) and print your label. If you’re using Dymo’s own free DLS software, it’s a very similar approach. You either add a new contact then print the labels, or select an existing contact(s) and print.

A finishing touch to your newly addressed bubble mailer would be to add a return address on the back. Again, using Dymo’s DLS software you would simply call up an existing Return Address label template that you had already made up and print ……. then peel the backing off the label, stick it on the mailer and you’re all set.

Dymo LabelWriters were originally designed over 15 years simply to print address and shipping labels. Printing labels for Bubble Mailers is a fundamental use of Label Writer printers and using this type of label adds a lot of professionalism to your mail pieces.

Dymo 30254 Labels on Colored Envelopes

Dymo 30254 Label on Color EnvelopeSticking a bright white address label on a nice colored envelope can look a little tacky. If you’re going to the trouble and expense of using fancy, professional-looking envelopes, is it not a good idea to use a label that kind of flows with the envelope?

There is a simple solution, and it comes in the form of Dymo 30254 Clear Address Labels. And even though these labels are called “address” labels, you don’t have to use them solely for addressing envelopes – you can use them for whatever suitable purpose you desire.

Printing on the Dymo 30254 labels is the same as printing on any Dymo LabelWriter label. using Dymo’s free DLS or most other Windows/Mac applications, you simply print your address, peel off the backing sheet and affix the label to your envelope.

As you can see in the picture above, because the label is transparent, the color of the envelope shows through the label and all you see is the address. It’s a far more polished look than a bright white standard label.

The Dymo 30254 labels is compatible with all Dymo LabelWriter models – even models dating back to the late 1990’s. Each label measures 1-1/8″ x 3-1/2″ (28x89mm) and a roll of 30254 contains 130 labels. Like all Dymo labels, it is recommended that these labels are stored in a cool dry place, out of direct sunlight, when not being used.

Label Filing Drawers with the Dymo LabelManager 360D

Dymo LabelManager 360D Filing Drawer LabelsThe Dymo LabelManager 360D is a very versatile label maker, and at less than $70 it’s a very affordable tool to have around the office or warehouse. The 360D is useful for 100’s of different purposes. it prints on Dymo’s D1 label tapes in 4 different size (1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″ and 3/4″) which come in a wide variety of colors.

Today we’re looking at a very simple use for the LM 360D – making labels for filing drawers.

As you can see in the image, a simple white label with black print was used. The label used is of size 1/2″ wide. Black on white is the most commonly used, but other colors in this 1/2″ label size include : Black-on-clear, Blue-on-clear, Red-on-clear, Blue-on-white, Red-on-white and a handful of other color combinations.

To create the labels is a simple process. With the LabelManager 360D you simply type your desired text and print. If you don’t like the default or last-used font, you can choose from 3 fonts, 7 font sizes, 7 text styles, and 8 different box styles or underline. And the beauty of the 360D is that it has a WYSIWYG LCD screen (what you see is what you get), so you get to see what the text will look like before you print.

One of the biggest selling points of the LabelManager 360D is that it utilizes a lithium-ion battery – the same technology used to power cell phones and laptop computers. You don’t need AA batteries to power it. Simply charge it up and start printing labels.

Rhino 1734821 – the ultimate in protection for cable labels

Rhino 1734821 Self-Laminating LabelsSome cabling environments are a little harsher than others, and those instances require labels on cables that are less vulnerable. Rhino 1734821 Self-Laminating Labels protect the printed text on your labels from exposure to solvents, abrasives, water and oil. Furthermore, the adhesive on these labels is industrial-strength and resists high temps, moisture Ultra Violet light.

Rhino Self Laminating labels are different to most other cable labels in that they have a transparent self-laminating flap that wraps over the printed text/graphic/barcode, locking the data in, and protecting it from the elements.

These labels are 1″ wide and you can print a number of lengths, depending on the thickness of your cable or wire. To print on these labels you will need a Dymo Rhino Label maker such as the Rhino 6000. The  Dymo Rhino 6000 label printer is an ideal labeling tool for datacomm, professional Audio/Video, security and electrical systems, as well as all types of labeling throughout commercial buildings, factories, warehouses, and even homes.

Print on Dymo 99019 Labels from PayPal

Dymo 99019 PayPal/eBay Shipping LabelPrinting Paypal Shipping Labels is simple. If you sold an eBay item with Paypal as the payment method, you can simply go ahead and print the shipping label directly from Paypal using Dymo 99019 Labels.

If you have sold items elsewhere and the customer used Paypal as the payment method, then all of their details will be pre-loaded in your Paypal account, so printing the shipping labels directly from PayPal is just as simple.

To print Shipping Labels from Paypal you follow a wizard within PayPal (so there’s no need to remember all of this).

First you need to log into your PayPal account and go to your recent activity page, or search for the transaction you want to print the label for. For transactions where the payment has completed, you will actually see a link that says “print shipping label”. Click this link. Next you choose the carrier and service options you would like to use (UPS or US Postal Service). You can also choose options such as insurance.

Providing your Dymo LabelWriter is connected and loaded with Dymo 99019 PayPal/eBay Shipping labels, you’ll have a label ready for package in no time.


Facility Visitor Management with Dymo 30911 Labels

Dymo 30911 Time Expiring LabelsWhen it comes to visitor management there’s a few ways to travel. You can opt for the traditional log-in / log-out book method, you can go electronic, or a combination of both. On top of logging people in and out of a facility, an extra layer of security comes with name badges. Name badges can be generic ones that are used over and over again, or they can be printed on-the-fly, containing a visitors name, company, photograph, even a barcode.

With Dymo 30911 Time Expiring Labels there’s an extra security feature built-in, because after a period of 12 hrs the label will become void. It’s a very simple process and these labels give you enough scope of personalization to contain whatever data (name, photo etc) suits your needs.

First you start with a Dymo 30911 Label (see pic) and using Dymo’s free DLS software (or compatible Visitor Management Software) you create a label for the visitor. Once the label is printed you simply apply the circular time-expiring label over the STOP sign. In 12 hrs the circular label becomes transparent so you can see the STOP sign clearly. The name badge label is now void.

Dymo’s 30911 labels can be used in any Dymo LabelWriter (except for older models 310/315). A Dymo LabelWriter is a purpose-built label printer primarily designed for printing address and shipping labels, but also perfect for printing file-folder labels, CD/DVD labels, price-tag labels, and of course Name Badges.


Dymo 45800 Labels on Counter-Top Sample Cards

DYMOIf you’re in a market that requires you to hand out sample cards or tags, using a clear label to identify the sample could be high on your list of needs. The Dymo 45800 3/4″ label does just this.

Take for instance a business that manufactures counter tops. The business may have 100’s of different colors and textures available. They may use off-cuts as their samples or they may have hang tags made up – either way they would need to label/identify the name of the counter top material. Traditionally these businesses would hand-write details of the sample or adhere a standard white label with identifying markings, i.e. name, color.

The Dymo D1 45800 Clear Label enables you to label the sample without compromising the look of the sample. This label is clear, so you can see right through it, thus the sample keeps it’s original appearance, but it has a professional-looking descriptive label on it.

Dymo D1 labels work in Dymo-branded LabelManager label makers. These devices start at sub $30 and the top-end models are around the $200 mark. The label used in the picture above is a 3/4″ wide label, so you would need a LabelManager that supports 3/4″ labels.


Label File Folders with Dymo 30327 / Labelcity 125130

Dymo 30327 - Labelcity 125130 File Folder LabelsLabelling your file folders is quick and easy with a Dymo LabelWriter (any model will do) and a pack of Labelcity 125130 / Dymo 30327 labels. As depicted, these labels are white, the print is black and they fit perfectly on file folders, making your filing a whole lot more organized and aesthetically pleasing.

To print your filing labels, all you need is Dymo’s free DLS label software (and of course a Dymo LabelWriter). Getting started you select the correct label template (Dymo 30327) in the DLS software, add the text you want then print. It’s that simple. You can use virtually any font loaded on your PC or Mac, and also apply font editing such as Bold, Italic, size scaling (scales automatically to fit the label). Additionally, you can add graphics and barcodes too. The Dymo softward prints a wide variety of barcodes, including: code 39, code 128, EAN, UPC and even QR Codes.

The Dymo 30327 / Labelcity 125130 labels measure exactly 9/16″ x 3-7/16″ (14x87mm). These labels are sold in packs of 2 rolls and you get 130 labels on each roll (260 labels per pack). This is a standard Dymo label size and has been used in CoStar and Dymo printers since the 1990’s – this size is compatible with all Dymo/CoStar LabelWriters.

Like all Dymo LabelWriter labels, the name of the label is just a guide – you can use this label for other uses too – you aren’t restricted to using it for just File Folders. Some people use these to put a name on a book (i.e. school book), some people use them in the pantry. It’s a very versatile size, and the uses are endless.


Rhino 18491 Flexible Cable Label

Rhino 18491 Cable LabelRhino Flexible Nylon Labels have a large number of uses. Specifically designed for curved surfaces they are perfect for labelling cables because they have enough flexibility not to lose adhesion when the cable is moved or bent.

The Rhino 18491 Flexible Nylon 3/4″ Yellow label is ideal for labelling cables of any thickness. To create labels using this material we use a method called label wrapping. Basically the desired text is printed repeatedly on the same label on consecutive lines (the number of lines is determined by the thickness of the cable and the font size selected). Once the label is printed, you peel off the backing sheet and wrap it around the cable. The label will overlap itself and form a strong bond. Because the desired text is printed a number of times, no matter which angle you view the label from you’ll be able to read the label.

Like all 3/4″ Rhino labels, the 18491 label can be used in all current Rhino Label Printers, including the ultra-affordable Rhino 4200. The Rhino 4200 is a feature-packed label maker designed for industrial applications, and is priced under $70.

There are a lot of other uses for Rhino 18491 Flexible Nylon labels, but cable marking is probably it’s best fit. In a matter of seconds you can print easily readable labels that will no doubt make cable identification much easier.

Rhino 18054 Yellow Heat Shrink Tubes 3/8″ for high-end cable identification

Rhino 18054 Heat Shrink TubeThere’s a large number of methods for labelling wires and cables. From basic methods such as using a Sharpie, to more elaborate purpose-built label machines, there’s bound to be a solution for your next project.

Rhino 18054 Yellow Heat Shrink Tubes 3/8″ give you high-end cable identification at an affordable price. You simply print on your label / tube using a Dymo Rhino Label Maker (which also helps cut the tube to length) and apply to the wire or cable using a heat gun.

The Rhino 18054 Heatshrink tube is  5′ long (approximately 1.5m) and fits onto cables ranging from 1.9mm to 5.7mm (AWG 12 – AWG 4). It is manufactured in a distinctive yellow color for easy identification, it is UL recognized as a component to UL 224, it meets MIL-STD-202G, MIL-M-81531 and SAE-OTL 23053/5 (Class 1 & 3), and it is RoHS compliant.

Rhino heat shrink products are readily available from Labelcity for shipping throughout North America and many other countries. here’s a link to the full range of Rhino Heat Shrink Labels / Tubes.