Label Your Keys with a Dymo LetraTag

LetraTag Key Labels
Got a lot of keys on a lot of key rings / chains and have to rummage through them all to find the ones you want? Maybe you’re just in the mood to organize your keys. Either way, a Dymo LetraTag can help, and it only takes a matter of seconds to print a label and stick it on your keys.

This article describes just how easy it is.

Starting with a Dymo LetraTag label maker (pre-loaded with a Dymo LetraTag 91331 Plastic Label tape) we simply entered the text ‘BOBS KEYS’ followed by pressing the SPACE  key 5 times and then typing ‘BOBS KEYS’ again. After pressing the PRINT button we get the label shown above.

labelling keys with a dymo letratag
Next we peel off the back of the label, feed it half way through the keyring, then press both halves back to back to make a tag-like label (see picture). It really is a simple way to label your keys and it only takes a few moments to do. Wrapping half of the label back onto the other half creates adhesion that can’t be peeled away easily, meaning that the label won’t be coming off in a hurry. Also, we opted for the ‘plastic’ label tape because the ‘paper’ won’t last as long given that it tears easily. With the plastic label, the only way it will come off the keyring is if it is cut off.

We used the DYMO LetraTag Plus LT-100T Label Maker (1733013) to create this label, but you can get the same label using the handheld model (Dymo 21455).

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